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We experienced water damage from a leaking washer. We need to repair the water damage and replace the wall. Thank you

Jessica B

A downstairs basement bedroom had water run in from the egress window under the sill. The bedroom carpet was soaked and the drywall looks to be damaged. I sucked up about 2 gallons of water out of the carpet and it is mostly dry, but now I'm starting to notice a musty smell in the basement.

Cole B

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Water Damage Restoration - Water Damage Restoration Questions
1.20 What do experienced estimators make?

Q. Im in the business of mold, fire, and water damage restoration, I work with Xactimate and insurance companies. I just got promoted, what should i be making after about a year in the Phoenix, az market?

A. About $45,000 a year.

1.20 Is it the good option to hire the water damage restoration experts after some damage?

Q. Water damage restoration experts after some damage

A. I suggest you try a good, reputable General Contractor, Why? Restoration experts have a tendancy to imply this type of work needs or has any experts. What this means is they do only restoration work which is a very high markup with little or no equipment. Here is an example of what I have witnessed. Flood Damage to a home which included flooding the crawlspace and about 2" of water over the 1st floor. This homeowner hired a flood restoration contractor who did this after water receeded the crawl space. #1. Removed all the duct work (fibre board) in the crawl space $ 1800 #2. Sprayed the exposed wood floor joist,rim boards, plates with a mold killing agent applied with a pump sprayer $2100 #3. Set 3 fans in the crawl space to dry out the ground - left in place for 1 week $800 #4. Removed the old plastic sheeting on crawl floor and installed new 3 mil $900 #4. Cleaned the remaining ductwork in the house $1200 #5. Had a subcontractor (hvac) install new ductwork in the crawlspace $2300 #6. Pulled up carpet on 1st level (900 sq ft.) $650 #7. Set fans in house to dry out subfloor (1 week) $800 #8. Sprayed mold killing agent on all 1st floor subfloor $1200 #9. Cleaned all baseboard trim and lower kitchen cabinets $925.00 #10 Had subcontract flooring company install new carpet & pad, vinyl in kitchen 100 sq yards. $3800 Now that's $16,475.00 . I got there 2 days after I was called for an estimate. This company had already pressured the owner into signing this contract saying that their schedule was filled but if they signed the contract today they would get it sheduled for the next week. My total price was $12,250 for the exact same work. What they really charge way too much for is the mold/mildew spraying - I purchase this chemical agent at the same place they get it. It costs $38.00 per gallon and this job for crawl space and 1st floor would take 6 gallons = $228.00 plus labor 8hrs. @ $40 hour = $320, Total for both areas material and labor $548.00 - they charged $3,300 for this. Then you have the cost of placing (3) turbo fans in the crawl space and the first level to air it out = their charge for this $1,600. I rent this fans for $75 a week each = $450 Removing the old muddy plastic sheeting and installing new I had a cost of $400,they charged $900. The cleaning of the baseboard trim and lower kitchen cabinets was a farce = $925.00 * Owner said 2 young girls did this for $100 each cash - they told the homeowner this. The ductwork contractor I had quote the job said his price included removing all the old ductwork which wasn't much. So ---- Go ahead and get a price from the restoration experts, but also call around or ask neighbors for name of a couple good General Contractors, and give them time to respond. Much of the time the not so good Restoration contractors respond very quickly because they understand you are in a hurry - this can cost you money. If this is insurance job - make sure the insurance company will write the check to you - you then can hire anyone you want. Get it all in writing and have them break costs down as much as possible. Do not pay more than 10% up front. Ask for and check out their references. Read your contract - and all the fine print. Ask for a start and completion date. Also get a certificate of insurance which will show if they have workmens comp insurance on their workforce, and ask if they are subcontracting any work out, if they are you need a certificate of insurance on each subcontractor that shows coverage. Look at the expiration date on all certificates of insurance and call the insurance comp to make sure the company has paid this policy and it is in force for your job. This is a lot of info, but this way you will be sure to get a good contractor. The less than legitimate contractors will balk when you ask for this info - the good ones are used to this and rather proud of having it. * There are some good legitimate restoration contractors out there - just do some good comparison on your estimates to enable you to find one.

1.20 What company does water damage restoration in Phoenix AZ?


A. I've worked with the local PuroClean on a rental property I own in the Phoenix area. I called Jason and he had a team come right out and take care of it, very professional and he worked with my insurance company to handle payment. The house looks great now, no trace of water or mold damage. I would recommend them; here is a link to how I found them. http://local.puroclean.com/Water-Damage-in-Phoenix-Mesa-AZ/721

1.20 Looking for a water damage restoration company in Florida?


A. Just open up the yellow pages - you'll find several listed there. You can also talk to your agent or an adjuster with your company and they may be able to give you some names. You can also do a google search.

1.20 Sever water damage restoration.?

Q. I was rehabbing an old building for my land lord over the winter. It's a four unit building with two units on the second floor and two units on the first floor. One of the second floor units went without heat over the winter resulting in the toilet line cracking. Water flooded the upstairs unit so bad that the unit below was completely destroyed. The ceiling collapsed in several rooms, the walls are bubbled out beyond repair and the hardwood floors seem to be ruined. When I first walked in it was literally raining on the first floor. Everything has now dried out for the most part. The entire unit needs gutted and everything replaced for the most part. My question is what to do about the mildew/mold issue. What steps MUST be taken to ensure proper repair and eliminate future problems and health concerns? Also, is it possible to save hardwood floors after they have been completely saturated? This is a brick building built in 1920's so we're dealing with older construction (i.e. plaster, real wood etc). The door frames absorbed so much water that the doors will no longer close. This job may require more than I care to embark on but I would like to know what is required in this case. Thanks!

A. Take it down to the studs everything gets trashed traet the studs with bleach and water in a two cal sprayer let dry rebuild

1.20 Should I contact with any of the restoration company in case of my air condition leaked water into carpet?

Q. I just want to add something that damage is not major but a few spots that are squishy when stepped on. But my partner doesn't think it is that bad and can be dried by our own fans and treated with a fungal spray.

A. As well as your question concern that the damage is not major so in that case if possible could just clean it up. You need to find out why the A/C is not draining properly. If it's a window unit it may not be sloped properly or the drain may be plugged internally. If in case the problem is getting increase then would be better to call up any professional. I heard some name of water damage Restoration Company. Detail is as follows. SOS Water Damage 1930 Harrison St. Suite 603 Hollywood, FL 33020 info@soswaterdamage.com Toll Free: 1-800-973-3205 Fax: 954-712-9121

1.00 Would knowledge of previous water damage affect your decision to purchase a condo?

Q. If you also know that the repairs have been completed by a qualified restoration company --- would the knowledge of the previous damage cause you to not want to purchase the home or condo? Would it affect the price you were willing to pay?

A. Not at all, if proper repairs were made and the cause of the leak remedied as well. There is no reduction in value because of a previous damage situation, as long as the unit was restored to the original or better condition during the repair.

1.00 Air Condition Water Leak into Carpet?

Q. I have a question, should i call a restoration company if my air condition leaked water into the carpet? The damage is not major but a few spots that are squishy when stepped on. My husband doesn't think it is that bad and can be dried by our own fans and treated with a fungal spray.

A. I would think you could just clean it up. You need to find out why the A/C is not draining properly. If it's a window unit it may not be sloped properly or the drain may be plugged internally.

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 Water Damage Restoration We help you connect with reliable and experienced water damage restoration companies in Atlanta. Water damage can occur because of a number of causes. A pipe burst can cause severe leakage, which leads to water accumulating in your basement. On the other end of the scale, a flood in your neighborhood, or the overflow after a heavy shower can seep into your basement flooding your belongings, and creating ripe conditions for wood decay, mold, mildew and other problems. If you've suffered any sort of water damage on your property, you will need the services of a water extraction service immediately, and without further delays. The longer you delay, the more the decay and the rot that begins to set in, and the more extensive the damage to your belongings. Your wood furniture beams, pillars, floors and other fixtures, and even your concrete surfaces can be ravaged by the non stop onslaught of water when it is left to accumulate. Besides, the formation of mold and mildew is just a few hours away. Black mold, the most toxic of mold species can begin to breed when water is left standing for more than 48 hours.

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